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Art Class


Our Members

Alex M. Pappas

Ann Hunter

Ann Parkey

Ann Truemper

Anna Fleshler

Anthony Campos

Audra Miller

BC Gilbert

Becky Reeder

Belinda Strayhorn-Strayhorn ART

Bernadette Roberts

Beth Prichard

Bob Barrow

Bob Britain

Bradley DeWald

Brenda Chapoton

Brenda Hutchins

Brittany Andrajack

Carol Castro

Catherine Stringfellow

Charles Smith

Cheryl Hazelton

Cindy K Thomas

Cindy Procknow

Coco Karma

Daniel Juarez

Darlene Lackey

David Diebold

David White

Debbie Hess

Debbie Maestaz

Dee Ann Sullwold

Derek Scarbrough

Derrick Holt

Dixie Ware

Doc Holley

Doris Lackey

Dotti LeSieur

Duke Darnell

Dustin Everett

Dwain Linden

Dylan Jimenez

Elizabeth Hawley

Fran Seymore

Frances Sims

Gale Lewis

Glenda Cobb

Harlan Whatley

Harlan Whatley

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Phillips

Janice Scanlan

Jennifer Bleeker

Jerry Smyers

Jesse Baggett

John Cook

Joy Pruitt

Judith Lemon Tischler

Judy Lemon

Julie Scales

Kathy Smyers

Kayla Hazelton

Kim Ward

Kimberly Krienke Browning

Kitty Thompson

Larry Hamilton

Lawrence Anderson

Lindsey Applegarth

Lorenka Campos

Marion Helmick

Marsha Wright-Reeves

Maru Yasuyo

Matthew Turner

Michael Fiore

Miki Avner

Milton Chapoton

Pamela Tudor Megumi

Patti Stillson

Paula Savage

Peggy Cline

Rachel Bleeker

Rachel Brown

Rae Paris

Ralph Stearns

Raquelle Richard

Regina Scott

Renee Allred

Rita Dieterichs

Ronald Webb

Rosellen Sheetz

Sally Struck

Sandi Gant

Sarah Pippins

Sharon Norton

Sherie Pierce

Sherri Lane

Sherry Mason

Sherry Searcy

Shirley King

Stefanie Rhoads

Steve St John

Susan Van Huss

Tad Gose

Theresa Pennell

Tiffany Morrow

Travis Keel

Vanessa Decker

Vickie Milam-Milligan

Vincent Giglio

Wayne Edwards

Wendy Hartman

Meet Our Artists

If you are a member of the Wichita Falls Art Association and would like to include an Artist Bio on the website, please complete the form below. We will review monthly and post your information along with your photo. Please make sure your information is correct before submitting.

Artist Bio Submission

By submitting this form you confirm you are a member of the Wichita Falls Art Association. If you are not a member and would like to join please visit the JOIN US page for details and membership application. Please note, submissions are reviewed and updated each month. 

Upload Headshot

Thanks for submitting! We will post your artist bio once it is reviewed.

We need you, and you need us!

We are here to support and promote local artists, and dedicated to providing opportunities that inspire, create connections and gain new experiences. We invite you to contribute to this unique community in the Texoma area, while taking advantage of all we offer.

Member Benefits

  • Monthly networking events that include special programs and opportunities to show your art.

  • Full-access to the WFAA Gallery to exhibit your artwork.

  • In-person professional learning.

  • Opportunities to give back, using your unique gifts and talents to help WFAA accomplish our mission.

  • Discounts to juried exhibitions.

  • Promotion as an artist through social media pages and "Conversation with an Artist" videos.

  • Opportunities for publicized trunk shows or artists talks in the WFAA Gallery.

  • Active listing in the membership directory.

  • Discounted tickets to local art events and shows.

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