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Our Members

Alex M. Pappas

Ann Hunter

Ann Parkey

Ann Truemper

Anna Fleshler

Anthony Campos

Audra Miller

BC Gilbert

Becky Reeder

Belinda Strayhorn-Strayhorn ART

Bernadette Roberts

Beth Prichard

Beth Scott

Bob Barrow

Bob Britain

Bradley DeWald

Brenda Chapoton

Brenda Hutchins

Brittany Andrajack

Callie Lawson

Carol Castro

Catherine Stringfellow

Charles Smith

Cheryl Hazelton

Cindy K Thomas

Cindy Procknow

Coco Karma

Daniel Juarez

Darlene Lackey

David Diebold

David White

Debbie Hess

Debbie Maestaz

Dee Ann Sullwold

Derek Scarbrough

Derrick Holt

Dixie Ware

Doc Holley

Doris Lackey

Dotti LeSieur

Duke Darnell

Dustin Everett

Dwain Linden

Dylan Jimenez

Elizabeth Hawley

Fran Seymore

Frances Sims

Gale Lewis

Glenda Cobb

Hannah Moody

Harlan Whatley

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Phillips

Janice Scanlan

Jennifer Bleeker

Jerry Smyers

Jesse Baggett

John Cook

Joy Pruitt

Joy South Fox

Judith Lemon Tischler

Judy Lemon

Julie Scales

Kathy Smyers

Kayla Hazelton

Kim Ward

Kimberly Krienke Browning

Kitty Thompson

Larry Hamilton

Lawrence Anderson

Lindsey Applegarth

Lorenka Campos

Louise Cochran

Marion Helmick

Marsha Wright-Reeves

Maru Yasuyo

Matthew Turner

Michael Fiore

Miki Avner

Milton Chapoton

Nancy Bachman

Pamela Tudor Megumi

Patti Stillson

Paula Savage

Peggy Cline

Rachel Bleeker

Rachel Brown

Rae Paris

Ralph Stearns

Renee Allred

Rita Dieterichs

Ronald Webb

Rosellen Sheetz

Sally Struck

Sandi Gant

Sarah Pippins

Sharon Norton

Sherie Pierce

Sherri Lane

Sherry Mason

Sherry Searcy

Shirley King

Stefanie Rhoads

Steve St John

Susan Van Huss

Tad Gose

Theresa Pennell

Tiffany Morrow

Travis Keel

Tony Ramirez

Vanessa Decker

Vickie Milam-Milligan

Vincent Giglio

Wayne Edwards

Wendy Hartman


Meet Our Artists

If you are a member of the Wichita Falls Art Association and would like to include an Artist Bio on the website, please complete the form.  We will review monthly and post your information along with your photo. Please make sure your information is correct before submitting.



Oil painting and sculpture


Artist Bio






Artist Bio

Sometimes I paint. Sometimes I get the chance to create something new. Sometimes I have the opportunity to only focus on the paper in front of me. Sometimes I get the chance to cuddle up on the couch paint... which is why I mainly use acrylics - alot easier to clean up! After work, family, sports, horses, chickens, (and much more) ... and once the kids go to bed is usually when the creative juices start to flow. I wind down from the day by scrolling through photos, pinterest and other artists' pages for inspiration, while my husband flips through the channels for the next documentary to watch. I'm only 10% paying attention to the noise in the background while I sit and design. Graham TX is home along with my family - my wonderful husband, son (8) and daughter (6) plus many other furry and feathered animals. We spend most of our time supporting the kids in whichever sport's dream they are chasing that season, and once in a while we get to chase down a steer in the team roping pen. In other times I enjoy trying to get things to grow in this Texas heat and redoing and rearranging one room or piece of furniture at a time. This past winter during a long stretch of snow days, the kids and I picked up some paints for some creative entertainment. I forgot how much I enjoyed painting, not only the walls and furniture.



Collage, block print, mixed media


Artist Bio

Hannah Moody is a multi-talented artist spanning from street art to elaborate collages to block prints. Born in Maine, she has lived all over the east coast and in artist communities in Boston and now currently resides in Wichita Falls.



Paintings, Sculpture, Jewelry


Artist Bio

I’m from the seaside town of Marblehead, Massachusetts. I work in multiple disciplines: wood working, steampunk style jewelry, and acrylic painting. I’m located at The Artistry Studio on 7th & Ohio, Wichita Falls, Texas.



Cross Hatching, Charcoal, Graphic Design, Acrylic,


Artist Bio

Daniel Juarez is originally from El Paso, Texas. He received his degree in Visual Communication from the Art Institute of Dallas and then took additional courses in fine arts from El Paso Community College. He was quickly employed as a graphic designer and worked in various aspects of advertising in Dallas for 20 years. By day, he was a sarcastic and efficient Ad Man, but by night Daniel explored his personal artistry in order to prevent certain death from monotony and client feedback. He developed a distinct style of highly textured, monochromatic portrait paintings. Daniel's playful and social personality enabled him to capture candid and authentic moments with his subjects. After living in DFW for over 25 years, Daniel and his family escaped to Wichita Falls where Daniel now spends the majority of his time engaged in the local art community. He works as a teaching artist, collaborating on projects with various organizations including 9th Street Studios, the Alliance for Arts and Culture, the Kemp Center for Arts and Culture, the Wichita Falls Museum at MSU, the WFISD and many others. He regularly teaches classes at the County Jail and the Juvenile Justice Alternative Education via the Art in Transition Program. He also serves on the board of the Wichita Falls Art Association as the Director of Educational Planning, the Advisory Board of the Wichita Falls of the Alliance for Arts and Culture, the Advisory Board of the Wichita Falls Public Library and the planning committee for Día de Muertos festival hosted by Potencia Projects and 9th Street Studios.



Acrylic, Oil, & Mixed Media Paintings, Miniature Model Painting, Graphic Design, Installations


Artist Bio

When creating an original work, my process begins with me trying to dissect, or deeply explore someone, something, or some situation in great detail. I like to analyze the situation, usually from an emotional or socially driven perspective, and create a work that can visually represent that particular instance or individual(s). I like to abstract my subject and frequently hunt for opportunities to use heavy texture or found objects in the work. I often find inspiration in Surrealism and Dadaism. I find I am most fascinated by subjects that are bittersweet or similarly contradictory; where attributing a singular emotion would only describe one part of the story, but not the whole. However, what I most enjoy as an artist is hearing how the piece is interpreted by individual viewers and discovering what emotions they experienced when sitting with a piece. I hope it inspires people to be more open with their feelings, even if it's just within themselves.



Jewelry Design


Artist Bio

After living my whole life in MN, I recently relocated to Wichita Falls with my husband to spend our retirement years near our daughter and her family. I have been making jewelry since 2011 and love the challenge of creating something beautiful that will connect with the soul of another. Each piece I make is one of a kind or limited edition, and I do a lot of custom work. I also will "rehome" a favorite charm or stone for you into a new design, as well as repairing much loved pieces when it's within my skillset to do so. My most recent passion is learning to use metal clay, which is shaped and kiln fired to become a high quality metal, giving a great deal of creative options to my designs. I make all my pieces in my home studio, and they can be found in a couple of local retail locations, including the Wichita Falls Art Gallery, as well as online.





Artist Bio

My identity is deeply rooted in Phillips, Texas, a former oil company camp town that played a significant role in shaping who I am today. Despite its disappearance, the memories of Phillips remain vivid within me. I received my education there, benefitting from teachers who held masters degrees. Many of these educators resided in the teacherage, having been recruited to live and teach in our company town. Phillips Schools, thanks to the support of Phillips Petroleum Company and its resulting tax base, provided us with unparalleled resources. One fond memory from my childhood was the presence of convenient gas incinerators for our trash, which were regularly emptied by the oil company. I found joy in using the intense heat of the incinerator to melt my old Crayons, creating mesmerizing designs on its walls. These creations would eventually dissolve in a couple of days, allowing me to embark on new artistic endeavors. This was my initial foray into the world of art. The exodus of homes, churches, stores, and people from Phillips, Texas was triggered by a catastrophic explosion, marking the end of an era. Although the residents owned their homes, the land belonged to the company. For years, only the school remained, serving as offices and storage for the petroleum company. Now even the school has vanished, leaving behind only a faint trace of what might be the rows of trees marking the locations where homes once stood. The vast plains, mesquite trees, canyons, creeks, the people, and the memories of Phillips, Texas are indelibly imprinted upon my being. They form an intrinsic part of who I am today. As an artist, I work primarily with a limited oil palette. I draw inspiration from history, tradition, and the timeless masterpieces created by artistic luminaries. I strive to attain a level just beyond my current grasp, knowing that the pursuit of excellence is where my true fulfillment lies.



Oil painting, landscapes


Artist Bio

With roots in the Midwest, Texas and travels across the United States, the landscape has inspired Becky Reeder in her paintings and in her interior design work. Becky is moved by nature, but also by the interior environment. She believes the comfort of home, where moments and memories are made, is vital to a person’s well-being. Her artwork is a simple representation of her travels and the places that remind her of home. Nothing makes her happier than to know that one of her paintings will help make someone else’s home or workplace a little more joyful. Becky's oil paintings are full of life, rich in color and subtle in spirit. Each painting is inspired by her walk of faith and hope to share in her life "remade." Over the years Becky has also learned the art of fine art digital imaging, creating reproduction art for fellow artists and to offer high-quality giclee prints to her collectors. Her reproduction and printing process starts with capturing artwork using advanced photography skills and equipment. She then carefully edits and color corrects each piece to create high-quality images for reproduction. Reproductions are made using a pigment-based, commercial printer located in her studio where she can ensure each print meet her client's standards. Becky attended both art and design school in Indiana, graduating at the top of her class. She loves to learn and finds that painting is always teaching her something new, in art and in life. Becky's studio and home are located in Wichita Falls, Texas where she and her husband live the empty-nest life designing and renovating their mid-century home, and traveling to see children and grandchildren who are spread across the miles between Texas and Kentucky. You can keep up with Becky's art and latest renovating and travel adventures @beckyreederremade
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